Weekly Update: March 7th – March 13th

Hello everyone! Apologies for missing the weekly update last week. There's a lot going on now that we're in the next phase of the project, so we do hope you'll forgive us for that. Below are the things that we worked on in the past TWO weeks and notable events in the coming week.

1. ProtoHeads is SOLD OUT!

ProtoHeads is finally done minting! On Saturday, February 26th, 2022 at approximately 12:00 UTC, all available ProtoHeads were sold! Thank you for all of the support you've given us, and keep supporting us! Any words of encouragement will help motivate us to keep doing what we do.

2. OG Role Airdrop

When we first started this project just under 5 months ago, we promised that everyone who minted our main collection would receive the OG role, and we intend to keep that promise. A snapshot was taken soon after sellout. In our story, the RobotHeads come to life when A.L.I.V.E copies their code onto androids in the Research Facility. The first version of a software is referred to as the "alpha," and as such, it would only be appropriate to call our OGs "Alphas". The tokens should be ready to be airdropped very soon, and when it is released, we will notify you. These tokens will have a 100% royalty fee, so it is not recommended that you sell them.

3. NFT Verification

If you haven’t already, verify your NFTs! There is content currently up for our holders to see, and more is on the way!

Here’s the information from last-to-last week’s update:

Be sure to verify your NFT in our Discord server using the Lunar Assistant bot. This will allow you to gain access to holder specific channels. As of right now, this will give you access to the behind-the-scenes of the development of the project, but the Artist Extraordinaire is working on exclusive content for our holders that will be shared in addition to that. This will be airdropped to holders on a date to be decided, but you’ll have to be verified before then in order to receive it, so be sure to do so.

Verification also gives you voting rights when the community fund goes live. The fund can be spent on non-art related things that abide by our rules, but other than that, there is no limit on what it can be used for. If it is determined that something is possible for us to implement and you vote in favor of it, we’ll make it happen for you.

4. Community Fund

The community fund is now live! This will be used on anything the community decides, whether it be investments into NFTs and DeFi protocols, or to subsidize fun things like merchandise. The fund contains 15% of the gross income. The mathematics is as follows:

Total stock sold: 325 (25 reserved)

Price per unit: 25 UST

Total gross income: 8125 UST

Community fund receives: 1218.75 UST

Community Fund Wallet Address: terra1rvr56kj0tpsgxd9kkap9u3d74ey3v6y8pkjpfl

Holders have the ability to use the community fund as they see fit, so get verified so you can too!

5. Proposition 1 Vote

Our first proposal is finally up for vote. Holders discussed putting the fund into Anchor Protocol in the Discord server's VIP channels that can be accessed once you've verified your NFTs. Once there was sufficient chatter, the proposition moved on to the voting phase. You can find Proposition 1 in the #governance channel. It will be up for vote until tomorrow, so now is your last chance to vote on it. There are multiple options, so you don't have to feel pigeonholed into putting everything or nothing into Anchor. Make your voice heard!

6. Messier Art Listing

Messier Art has agreed to put ProtoHeads on their secondary marketplace!

Messier Art is the newest kid on the block, having launched on March 1st with a successful Poppin Eels mint. Brought to you by the minds behind TerraBots (a project that I absolutely adore), this marketplace aims to give artists a place on a platform with state-of-the-art UI/UX. You can check them out at https://messier.art/. We will let you know when exactly the collection will be available on the marketplace.

One thing that interests us is their NFT trading feature. Although it is not yet available, we see a new opportunity for our project. Instead of the straight burn that we were originally planning, wouldn't it be great if you could get a different NFT in the process? Not only would you reduce the original supply, you would also be rewarded for it.

Another thing that we are intrigued by is the whitelist discount feature. During the Poppin Eels mint, whitelisted wallets could mint NFTs at a reduced price, something we had been considering earlier but deemed to be impossible. I'm still not sure how it works, but obviously it does.

As with a lot of the information you have access to as holders, this is alpha, which is not a guarantee that the previous two paragraphs will happen. Already, we are having some difficulties on the technical side due to differences in royalty contracts between Talis and Messier. We continue to look for a solution, and we will always consult our holders about the best course of action in out VIP channels. I can't stress the benefits of NFT verification enough, so if you haven't already, do so. We want to hear what you think!

7. Litepaper

We have been working on writing a litepaper for your convenience for the last two weeks, which has proved to be a challenge we hadn't anticipated. We thought the programming and designing were the biggest challenges we'd face, but it turns out that documentation is a formidable obstacle as well. In fact, it was the reason we couldn't get last week's update to you. We found that just when everything seemed to be wrapped up nicely, there was something erroneous to be found that would require significant revision. I thought that I could write fairly well, but it seems that my literary skills are much more suited for fiction. We can't yet give you an estimate on when it will be available, but I can tell you that it can't wait for it to be finished because it's really stressing us out.

8. #lostloot

The hunt for the lost loot is almost over! The next day or two should be very exciting, to say the least. Check the #lostloot channel for updates, and be sure to invite any other treasure hunter friends who aren’t in the server yet.

Here’s the information from last-to-last week’s update:

RobotHeads is taking part in the biggest collaboration ever seen on Terra : more than 25 projects involved, about 100 $LUNA worth in NFTs and cryptocurrencies!

Here's some background:

The Lost Wallet is a tale of early Terra, dating back from the beginnings of the Stardust Union.

It tells of a vault filled with offerings to the Terra gods. A sacred repository for which the seed phrase could not be trusted to a single community.

As such, words from the seed phrase were entrusted to the most noble houses for safekeeping but in time they passed into memory and were forgotten

A new noble house, Dancero has discovered the address to the lost wallet using Dance Magic. And now they seek the words to the seed phrase across the expanse of the Terra ecosystem, but they are not alone…

The word is out, the race is on.

Treasure awaits those who venture deep.

How deep will you delve, Degen?

The investigation is ongoing on Twitter and Discord. Start the hunt for the #lostloot, for it is riches and glory that await you at the end.

Dancero is revealing even more clues the longer the lost loot wallet is still full, so I recommend you join their Discord server.

9. Charity Mint

RobotHeads has been working with several other Terra projects to make a collection of NFTs in order to raise money for charity. Details are scarce for the time being, but the price per NFT will be 0.5 $LUNA, so hopefully it should be accessible to most of you. Our contribution of 10 NFTs takes inspiration from the heroes in our everyday lives. Holders can see them in the #first-look channel of our Discord server right now. I hope you like them!


Notable Events:

  • TMC Charity Mint Watch Party (with GIVEAWAYS!!!)

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Hello everyone! Below are the things that we worked on in the past week and notable events in the coming week. 1. ProtoHeads still minting! ProtoHeads is almost done minting! Just 34 remain, so go and

Hello everyone! Below are the things that we worked on in the past week and notable events in the coming week. 1. ProtoHeads still minting! ProtoHeads is almost done minting! Just 34 remain, so go and

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