Weekly Update: January 3rd – January 9th

Updated: Jan 5

Hello everyone! Below are the things that we worked on in the past week and notable events in the coming week.

1. Happy New Year!

It’s finally 2122 in the world of RobotHeads! The new year period is a time for self reflection, rest, and renewed optimism for the future. All of us on the team were lucky enough to be able to spend New Year’s Eve with our families. We kept on working, but at a more relaxed pace. It was a good workation and we’re reenergized and ready to push on with RobotHeads!

2. Stardust Union

Finn from TerraSpaces (more on him later) was kind enough to invite us to the Stardust Union, a community for smaller NFT projects and artists. For those who have been with us since the very beginning, you may remember our mission statement of creating a tight knit bond between our community and ourselves. While we continue to strive towards realizing that goal, the Stardust Union is vindication for why we chose to come to Terra over any other blockchain. The Artist Extraordinaire is our representative to the group and he couldn’t have been happier with his experience. Other artists and developers are helping out one another, supporting one another, and cherishing one another. Terra is still relatively unknown territory for us, but the Union makes us feel just a bit more comfortable in our new home.

A special mention to Chris from Unstables who made the Stardust Union a reality.

3. Collaborations

In the spirit of camaraderie, Union members regularly have collaborations. Gorilla Holders reached out to us for a collaboration, and since they have metaverse ambitions just like we do, we felt it was important to support another project heading into the metaverse. Together, we hosted a giveaway in which we not only gave away one Gorilla Holders NFT, but also an additional Holiday Edition ProtoHead as a surprise. Gorilla Holders gave away one Holiday Edition ProtoHead as well.

That is not the only collaboration we have been working on. BigBizWorld and RobotHeads are working on an art collaboration that we can’t wait to share with everyone! Stay tuned for more!

4. The Pudcast!

Finn from TerraSpaces (previously mentioned) kindly invited us onto the Pudcast, a podcast dedicated to getting to know the people behind projects more intimately than you’d otherwise learn. Since RobotHeads is the brainchild of the Artist Extraordinaire, he was the natural choice to represent us on the podcast. If you’re interested to learn about the origins and development of the project up until this point or want to know more about who the Artist Extraordinaire is outside of the Research Facility, have a listen! At the very least, you’ll be entranced by Finn’s suave voice. Go check it out!

5. Website Update

If you didn’t understand why the Artist Extraordinaire was in the Research Facility in the first place, chances are that you haven’t read the stories up until this point. The stories section is undergoing some renovation to make your reading experience as smooth as possible so do make sure to find out what has happened in the world of RobotHeads so far if you haven’t already. A new issue is on the way as well so be watchful for that!

An additional quality of life feature has been added. Instead of having to go through the story in order to get collection information, the collections can now be accessed directly from the bottom of the homepage. Hopefully, that should free up the Featured button for more than just the most recent project related addition (like a redirection to the Pudcast!).

A BetaHeads collection information page has also been added, which includes a link to MagicEden and a trait chart. A link to Talis has been added to the ProtoHeads: Holiday Edition page. In conjunction with the collection bar on the homepage, this should make it a very simple process to see the collection you want to learn more about or buy. Remember that the BetaHeads and the Holiday Edition ProtoHeads get you whitelisted for the main ProtoHeads launch, so it would be wise to get a few now.

6. Rescheduled Launch Date

Although we aimed to launch on the 14th, we were unable to secure a launchpad before the 20th. However, Talis has been generous enough to help us get everything prepared early so that all is ready for mint on Thursday, January 20th at 17:00 UTC.

Because of the new launch date, the ProtoHeads giveaways will be pushed until the 17th. However, the quantity will still be 10 ProtoHeads, and with collaborations, there will be no shortage of giveaways for the foreseeable future.


Notable Events:

Monday, Jan 3:
Rest of the Week:
  • More chances to win!

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