Weekly Update: January 31st – February 6th

Updated: Feb 8

Hello everyone! Below are the things that we worked on in the past week and notable events in the coming week.

1. ProtoHeads still minting!

ProtoHeads are still minting! Just over 100 remain, so go and support us by minting more, and be sure to share the project with other LUNAtics and NFT enthusiasts! The more support you give, the more development we will be able to do, and the more you’ll get in return! Let’s keep pushing!

Do keep in mind that we have to sell out before we are able to create the community fund, and we want to do that as soon as possible so make it happen! You can mint some here: https://talis.art/collection/61e92253a0557671273be654/mint?from=collection

2. NFT Verification

If you haven’t already, verify your NFTs! There is content currently up for our holders to see, and more is on the way!

Here’s the information from last week’s update:

Be sure to verify your NFT in our Discord server using the Lunar Assistant bot. This will allow you to gain access to holder specific channels. As of right now, this will give you access to the behind-the-scenes of the development of the project, but the Artist Extraordinaire is working on exclusive content for our holders that will be shared in addition to that. This will be airdropped to holders on a date to be decided, but you’ll have to be verified before then in order to receive it, so be sure to do so.

Verification also gives you voting rights when the community fund goes live. The fund can be spent on non-art related things that abide by our rules, but other than that, there is no limit on what it can be used for. There is a vote planned on a metaverse land investment in March to get the ball rolling, but besides that, the only input we will provide is the feasibility of the proposition. Other than that, if it is determined that something is possible for us to implement and you vote in favor of it, we’ll make it happen for you.

3. #lostloot

The hunt for the lost loot is heating up! Just today, RobotHeads revealed a clue to one of the words in the seed phrase. We’ve also added a channel in our Discord server for you to stay up-to-date on the hunt! We will keep the #lostloot channel updated, so if you have any other treasure hunter friends who aren’t in the server yet, be sure to bring them in!

Here’s the information from last week’s update:

RobotHeads is taking part in the biggest collaboration ever seen on Terra: more than 25 projects involved, about 100 $LUNA worth in NFTs and cryptocurrencies!

Here's some background:

The Lost Wallet is a tale of early Terra, dating back from the beginnings of the Stardust Union.

It tells of a vault filled with offerings to the Terra gods. A sacred repository for which the seed phrase could not be trusted to a single community.

As such, words from the seed phrase were entrusted to the most noble houses for safekeeping but in time they passed into memory and were forgotten

A new noble house, Dancero, has discovered the address to the lost wallet using Dance Magic. And now they seek the words to the seed phrase across the expanse of the Terra ecosystem, but they are not alone…

The word is out, the race is on.

Treasure awaits those who venture deep.

How deep will you delve, Degen?

The investigation is ongoing on Twitter and Discord. Start the hunt for the #lostloot, for it is riches and glory that await you at the end.

4. ProtoHeads Meme Contest

On Friday, January 28th, the meme making contest in our Discord server came to a close. The contest winners are as follows:

In 3rd place, winning 250 reward points is @Moejoseph!

In 2nd place, winning 1 ProtoHead and 350 reward points is @Hardy!

In 1st place, winning 2 ProtoHeads and 500 reward points is @Jake13258 | @jgimbel00

Congratulations to all of the winners! Points will be awarded immediately and the ProtoHeads will be sent to you after sell out!

5. ProtoHeads Stories Contest

The contests don’t end there! A new one has started on our Discord server! In order to enter, share your NFT(s) and caption them with a ProtoHeads Story of your own! There is no limit on the number of total entries, so long as you own the ProtoHeads you share. For example, if you own 6 ProtoHeads, you can enter up to 6 times. ProtoHeads cannot be reused.

The prizes are as follows:

  1. First place: 1 ProtoHead and 500 Community Reward Points

  2. Second place: 350 Community Reward Points

  3. Third place: 250 Community Reward Points

You will also receive 50 reward points just for your first valid entry!

Submissions should be sent in the #share-your-nft channel.

The contest ends on Saturday. Good luck!


Notable Events:


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