Weekly Update: January 24th – January 30th

Hello everyone! Below are the things that we worked on in the past week and notable events in the coming week.

1. ProtoHeads launch!

It’s finally happened! ProtoHeads launched on Thursday, December 20th at 17:00 UTC.Three whitelists were able to mint before that time at 14:00, 15:00, and 16:00 UTC.

The whitelists minted a bit slowly, but once the public mint started, the ProtoHeads took off. The support from other creators has been so immense, so special thank you to them for sharing the project, buying some ProtoHeads, and just being so kind to us. The Stardust Union in particular has been a pillar of support, and we thank them.

And of course, we have to thank the community. Thank you for believing in us and what we can become. We will continue to work on this project full time and make sure your money is spent wisely toward the development of this project. Thank you so much for allowing us to keep expanding the world of RobotHeads!

That being said, the work isn’t over. There are still ProtoHeads minting, and we have to sell them out before we are able to create the community fund. Share the project with other LUNAtics and NFT enthusiasts, or pick up a few more for yourself. The more support you give, the more development we will be able to do, and the more you’ll get in return! Let’s keep pushing!


2. NFT Verification

So now you have a ProtoHead. What can you do with it?

First, be sure to verify your NFT in our Discord server using the Lunar Assistant bot. This will allow you to gain access to holder specific channels. As of right now, this will give you access to the behind-the-scenes of the development of the project, but the Artist Extraordinaire is working on exclusive content for our holders that will be shared in addition to that. This will be airdropped to holders on a date to be decided, but you’ll have to be verified before then in order to receive it, so be sure to do so.

Verification also gives you voting rights when the community fund goes live. The fund can be spent on non-art related things that abide by our rules, but other than that, there is no limit on what it can be used for. There is a vote planned on a metaverse land investment in March to get the ball rolling, but besides that, the only input we will provide is the feasibility of the proposition. Other than that, if it is determined that something is possible for us to implement and you vote in favor of it, we’ll make it happen for you.

3. #lostloot

RobotHeads is taking part in the biggest collaboration ever seen on Terra : more than 25 projects involved, about 100 $LUNA worth in NFTs and cryptocurrencies!

Here's some background:

The Lost Wallet is a tale of early Terra, dating back from the beginnings of the Stardust Union.

It tells of a vault filled with offerings to the Terra gods, a sacred repository for which the seed phrase could not be trusted to a single community.

As such, words from the seed phrase were entrusted to the most noble houses for safekeeping, but in time, they passed into memory and were forgotten.

A new noble house, Dancero, has discovered the address to the lost wallet using Dance Magic. And now, they seek the words to the seed phrase across the expanse of the Terra ecosystem, but they are not alone…

The word is out, the race is on.

Treasure awaits those who venture deep.

How deep will you delve, Degen?

The investigation is ongoing on Twitter and Discord. Start the hunt for the #lostloot, for it is riches and glory that await you at the end.

4. The Compactor

We are currently developing a burn utility that will give burners a token in return for their ProtoHead. The use of these tokens will be revealed at a later time as it is crucial to the storyline, but it will prove to be a lucrative alternative to selling it on the secondary market.

It will take some time to complete, so we ask for your patience, but since we’ve managed to cover our expenses with the ProtoHeads sales, you can be sure that it is being developed as quickly as we are able to.

5. ProtoHeads Giveaways and Contests

We gave away a few ProtoHeads last week, and will continue to do so this week. However, now we will also run contests so that the community can increase the likelihood of getting ProtoHeads rather than hoping a randomizer chooses them. The contests will cover a range of skills, so if one contest isn’t something you are interested in, there will be another that may be of more interest to you. That being said, still submit something anyway. Who knows, you might just win by putting it out there. We did.

There is currently a meme making contest going on in our Discord server. We have gotten a few submissions so far, but we want to see more memes! There is no limit on the number of entries, so go ahead and make as many as you want! The contest winners will be announced on Friday. The prizes are as follows:

  1. First place: 2 ProtoHeads and 500 Community Reward Points

  2. Second place: 1 ProtoHead and 350 Community Reward Points

  3. Third place: 250 Community Reward Points

Your first entry will also earn you 50 Community Reward Points, so be sure to make and send at least one. The meme must be about RobotHeads specifically and must follow the community rules.

6. Terra NFT Big Giveaway

The 9 project Terra NFT mega giveaway ended on the 19th of January. The winners were announced the next day. Congratulations to @jgimbel00, who won the ProtoHead! The rest of the winners can be found in Lunana’s winner reveal tweet. Big thank you to all of the projects involved for not only teaming up with us for this giveaway, but supporting our project on launch day. The projects involved will be listed below. Go show them some love!

7. Space Trip x RobotHeads

As you are probably aware, we are big fans of sci-fi. That’s why we teamed up with Space Trip for a giveaway. The giveaway began on the 18th and lasted 24 hours. The winner of the Space Alien was @Finickytuber. Congratulations!

8. Handi Heroes x RobotHeads

We partnered with Handi Heroes, a multi-chain project that raises awareness about people with physical disabilities, to give away one NFT each. The giveaway ran from the 17th through the 21st. The winner of the Handi Hero was @tennisballchips, a very active member of our community. The winner of the ProtoHead was @Cripto_Esp. Congratulations to them both!


Notable Events:

Friday, Jan 28:
  • RobotHeads meme making contest closes

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