Weekly Update: January 17th – January 23rd

Hello everyone! Below are the things that we worked on in the past week and notable events in the coming week.

A lot of giveaways! Read all about it!

1. ProtoHeads launch!

It’s finally upon us (again)! ProtoHeads is set to launch on Thursday, December 20th at 17:00 UTC. 350 ProtoHeads (the first generation of RobotHeads) will move onto Terra. Wearing all sorts of accessories in miscellaneous combinations, they will set out to make a home on a planet claimed entirely by humans. Their cause can be supported through a 25 UST sponsorship per ProtoHead.

If you’re on a whitelist, you will be able to mint sooner. Instructions for the whitelist mints are available on the Discord in private channels you will have access to if you have a whitelist spot. It is possible for someone to be in more than one or all three whitelists. You can use different wallets for different whitelists, but only one whitelist per person per whitelist is allowed.

The more support you give, the more development we will be able to do, and the more you’ll get in return! I’m so excited and I hope you all are as well!

2. Whitelists

Whitelist places are now available for reservation! If you are a holder of a Holiday Edition ProtoHead or a BetaHead, verify your NFT(s) in our Discord using Lunar Assistant and Grape Protocol, respectively. Holders get to mint first, so be sure to reserve your spot now! The process is very easy and you should be able to complete it in less than a minute.

The 10 people with the most community points will get on the second whitelist. Near the very top are members who are fighting for the #1 position, but even if you’re new, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting onto the leaderboard. Simply interact with our social media posts and participate in our Discord server to earn points!

Solana Supporters are those who have been with us from the very beginning, and so, they will get a whitelist spot on the collection they were not able to get on Solana. The third whitelist will also include the winners of our whitelist giveaways, so if you haven’t already, hurry over to #giveaways in our Discord and to our giveaway Twitter post.

All whitelists will be finalized on January 19th at 12:00 UTC, so secure your place ASAP!

3. Rarity Chart

The trait rarity chart for the ProtoHeads collection is finally here! The chart was featured exclusively on our Facebook page for 24 hours starting on the 16th. You can now find it on our website, and will be available on our Twitter and Instagram accounts shortly.

4. ProtoHeads Giveaways

As indicated on our roadmap, it is time for us to give away ProtoHeads from the main collection! One giveaway is currently running on Twitter, although expect to see more on Discord in the coming days! There are still a few hours before the first giveaway ends, so be sure to enter if you haven’t already.

5. Terra NFT Big Giveaway

Kairos from Lunana brought together 9 projects to give away NFTs, and we are proud to be one of them! Don’t miss out on this! The campaign launched on Wednesday, January 12th at 15:00 UTC and will end in less than 2 days! If you haven’t already, head over our Twitter profile and follow the instructions to enter!

6. BigBizWorld x RobotHeads

Our giveaway with BigBizWorld came to an end on the 11th. @SpinTurnX won our collaboration ProtoHead plumber, and an additional Holiday Edition ProtoHead was given away to @tennisballchips. I would like to thank CrypZard and the rest of the BigBizWorld team for such a rewarding experience and for introducing us to some very valuable members!

7. Terra JNKRZ x RobotHeads

Paul from Terra JNKRZ and our very own Artist Extraordinaire have made a special one-of-one that join the worlds of the two projects together, and they look so amazing! Paul makes fantastic surrealist art that will make you question everything. The giveaway went live on January 11, and @aka_g_man was announced as the winner on the 13th. Congratulations to them and expect to see more collabs with Terra JNKRZ in the future!

8. Handi Heroes x RobotHeads

We're proud to announce our partnership with Handi Heroes, a multi-chain project that raises awareness about people with physical disabilities. Together, we will be giving away 1 NFT each! To enter, interact with this Twitter post. The giveaway will run for another 4 days!

9. TerraKongs x RobotHeads

Yet another collaboration giveaway you can participate in! We have collaborated with TerraKongs to give away 10 whitelist spots for their launch! They will be giving away one ProtoHead as well. They’re a new project like up, so do check them out. If you see anything there that you would like to see implemented on RobotHeads, be sure to let us know.


Notable Events:

Monday, Jan 17
  • ProtoHeads Giveaway

  • Handi Heroes x RobotHeads Giveaway opens

  • TerraKongs x RobotHeads Giveaway opens

Tuesday, Jan 18
  • ProtoHeads Giveaway

Wednesday, Jan 19:
  • ProtoHeads Giveaway

  • Whitelists finalizes

  • Terra NFT Mega Giveaway closes

  • TerraKongs x RobotHeads Giveaway closes

Thursday, Jan 20:
  • ProtoHeads Launch @ 17:00 UTC

  • 25 UST

  • 350 max supply

  • Whitelisted wallets mint sooner

Friday, Jan 21:
  • Handi Heroes x RobotHeads giveaway closes

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