December 2115.

the protoheads are Becoming increasingly anxious. Despite the Artist extraordinaire's best efforts, keeping the Protoheads satisfied is becoming more and more difficult. They are unhappy with how slow life is at the Solana CoRP ResearCH facility. only 50 ProtoHeads (nicknamed the betaheads) are actually content with their hidden existence. one thing has become very clear: If the artist extraordinaire does not find a way to Keep the protoheads under control, things will get ugly fast.


protoheads continuously argue with each other over the solution to the human problem. most want peace, a few want violence, and almost all want out of the Research facility. The artist extraordinaire is constantly harassed by protoheads who keep requesting access to the outside world, but the answer is always the same. the artist extraordinaire knows that if he can't find a way to safely let the protoheads out, either the protoheads will tear the facility apart in a bid to get out, which would result in his incarceration, or the protoheads will get caught by authorities and get "decommissioned," which would also result in his incarceration.


One fateful evening, As the cold set in and snowfall began, the artist extraordinaire notices two shady silhouettes against the white snow on the facility's roof near the ventS. Alert to the possibility of discovery, the Artist extraordinaire climbs up the roof access and approaches the figures stealthily. upon closer inspection, the artist extraordinaire is alarmed to find two protoheads who had snuck out of the building! After they confess that they have been sneaking out for over a month, He begins chastising the two before a lightbulb goes off in his head: smaller groups are less detectable.


The artist Extraordinaire presents his plan to the protoheads the next day: small groups will be let out sporadically so that they are harder to catch, and should they get caught, there wouldn't be as much evidence that could lead back to the facility (and therefore himself). the protoheads quickly approve of the plan, and so, 100 protoheads are randomly selected for release. this expeditionary party is given holiday apparel so that from a distance, it would look like a congregation of revelers. however, in typical robotheads fashion, the protoheads mix and match their apparel in all sorts of Wacky and wild ways. On christmas eve, the artist extraordinaire hopes for the best and opens the facilitY's blast doors. protoheads are about to set foot on terra for the very first time... 

DEC 24, 2021
17:00 UTC

Mint Size: 100

Mint Price: 1 LUNA