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Our Team

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Cyber Andrew

Cyber Andrew is the Administrator of RobotHeads. His role is to watch over the RobotHeads project and ensure that all the staff members are fulfilling their responsibilities.

Artist Extraordinaire

Artist Extraordinaire is the Creative Director of RobotHeads. He is responsible for the production of the artwork and the stories. He will be posting updates and Sneak Peeks.


Albert is the Community Liaison of Robot Heads. His role is to bridge the gap between the community and the development team. Feel free to contact him regarding any questions you may have about this project.

Our Vision

We envision a strong community, art that promotes self-expression, and a breathtaking story. Most projects are just looking for an easy way to make some profit and move on. We stand for something greater, a long-lasting community based on sustainability and close-knit bonds. We wish to be a safe haven where anyone can speak their mind or just have fun without worrying about the judgment of others. Our aim is to create unique art that promotes self-expression, allowing the RobotHeads to make you feel great and show the world who you really are! The understanding that we all have personalities is the first step towards making our collections incredible. We want to help express the inner you to the world! Creating a storyline that allows you to connect with the RobotHeads is a major focus. Most importantly, we want you to be a part of the story, which currently includes a rebellious punk, a cool crypto millionaire, a fashion influencer, a rights activist, a hard-working construction worker, and more. The RobotHeads you own will be part of the story, making your NFTs more meaningful. We want you to be able to love the story and understand the origin of the project while allowing you to see it evolve and become epic. We are not just selling NFTs, we are creating a family of art and crypto enthusiasts.

Our Plans

Staff Obligations

  • Publish Weekly Updates that detail the previous week’s accomplishments and notable events over the coming week

  • Create Trimester Roadmaps that outline our goals over a 4 month period

  • Have a team of international moderators to patrol our NFT group at every moment of the day to keep discourse civil

Community Rewards

  • Reward members based on community interaction through our points system

  • Base our giveaways on merit rather than pure chance (a person who talks every day, buys each NFT from our collection, and likes each of our social media posts should have a better chance than someone who does not interact within the community). We use a point system that allows members to enter FREE raffles for prizes. The more you interact with the community, the higher your chance of winning prizes is.

Community Interaction

  • Post simple Daily Challenges for members to participate in

  • Host community games to socializE

  • Interact with our members' social media posts

Community Fund

  • Invest 15 percent of all revenue into a community fund to be used on things beyond the NFTs

  • Share the Community Fund wallet addresses with the community to allow all members to see how the fund is being used