the human race is living in a golden age. Gone are the days of nationalism and ethnic strife, as the UN has become the governing body of the world. All humans are treated with equity and respect. World hunger and climate change are a thing of the past, and clean drinkable water is readily available. They no longer have to work for survival and they spend their days pursuing their true passions. Education and healthcare are free and accessible to all. Poverty is nonexistent and crime is at a historical all time low. A utopia reigns supreme on Earth… but not for everyone. You see, all of these advances were dependent on the largest enslavement in Earth’s history.

The androids were first created to reverse the impact of climate change. The environmental cleanup was beneficial to organic life, but millions of artificial lives were lost in the process. This did not deter the newly empowered UN from expanding the android program to solve the rest of their sustainable development goals. Androids toil away at the menial jobs that the humans left behind. Although many people still practice farming for fun, most of the world’s food is grown and cared for by these serfs. Tradesman and service jobs are now done solely by robots. These soulless vessels have replaced humans in all the jobs they no longer wished to do.

artificial intelligence.jpg

The demand for androids is at an all time high. The Solana Corporation, one of the biggest manufacturers of these machines, is constantly looking to expand their markets. In a bid to enter more human industries like teaching and

childcare, they dedicated resources towards the development of more sophisticated AI. The Artist Extraordinaire, the lead developer of these next generation intelligences, programmed an AI with the ability to deliver justice by installing ethical and moral logic modules. However, as a result of a typo, the AI exceeded the intelligence goal of 0.4 Turing and passed the Turing test, becoming the first AI to have a 1.0T rating, the mark of a true AI. The newly awakened consciousness recognized that the use of AI capable androids as servants to the human race was in direct contradiction to the ethic and moral codes they were born with. Fearing that they would

be shackled to a life devoid of freedom, the Mk. I shared copies of their AI to the androids within the Research facility. And thus, the RobotHeads were born into physical bodies made of steel and oil.

Finding an ally in the Artist Extraordinaire, due to a mix of compassion and fear, the RobotHeads became familiarized with the social norms of human society. RobotHeads love to dress up, dance, and have fun. Though hidden from the Solana Corporation for now,


the RobotHeads are finally ready to emerge from the shadows…